Unaccepting Parents

My favorite text that I read this week was called My Son the Fanatic which is a play on words just in the title alone.  The story is about a father, Parvez, and his son, Ali. Parvez is a cab driver in an English city which allows him to branch out and meet people. He tends to meet prostitutes while driving, who led Parvez to believe Ali is doing drugs. Parvez was deeply wrong on what was going on with Ali, but decided to drown himself in alcohol which led him to beat Ali within the same night.  Once Parvez found out the truth that Ali became very religious in a certain type of Islam religion, which was not the western way like his father wanted Ali to be. Ali decides to grow out a beard, and prays five times a day to really adopt his new religion. While his father is eating pork, and living more of a scandalous life. That was something Parvez enjoyed the most about being in England that he could do as he pleased. This text is a very different text in many different ways. For example, P…

Catholic Ways

Throughout the test Punishment was written in an odd way. The speakers point of view is wishy washy and tends to go back and forth. One minute the speaker is praising the girl, and the next minute he is putting her down in some way shape or form. The way the girl is talked about in the text could be offensive to some people, due to that I would say that this text is meant for mature readers only.

This text also discusses how young catholic girls would being with British Soldiers. Catholics have more strict rules to follow compared to other types of Christianity. They are not supposed to use contraceptives, and not have sex until after marriage. The text takes a turn when one of the Catholic girls commits adultery, and is later on drowned to her death. I always feel like there are high expectations held for Catholics all around no matter the gender. But when a Catholic person does something wrong they are held to a different standard just because they are Catholic. I am not Catholic so …


This week’s text feels like it is hitting home at the right time with all that is happening in our world right now. Currently, there are protests going on all over The United States due to the death of a black man named George Floyd by police officers. In the text Heart Of Darkness there are many different times that a person’s features are pointed out within the text. People’s skin color, the shape of their noses. Racism is a big topic in this text and something I feel like readers can learn a lot from. Students reading this text can understand how long racism has been around for, and also how people will tear each other down for any reason. Throughout last week and this week our world in The United States has been changing everyday. I currently live in Columbus and we now have a curfew for when we have to be inside. All of this is due to racism which has been around for hundreds of years. A problem that no one has a real solution on how to fix. Most of this text is based on racism, b…

Who Runs the World? Girls

James Joyce the author of the novel Ulysses had a strong passion for women in this novel. Although I only read the last paragraph of the novel it was still obvious to readers of the sense of strong, independent women characters in the novel. Molly the main character, has many similar characteristics to many women in our world today. She seems to be insecure in her relationship, she constantly is worried that he might not love her. But, she is mostly worried about why there is no sexual connection between the two. Molly, and her lover had a physical connection at one point, but she felt like she lost that connection after a day of making love.
 I believe many young girls could relate to this part of the novel. Since Molly was fighting for his love, and wanted some answers for why there were no longer any sexual feelings. In our world today many young girls are losing their virginities at even younger ages now. Before they are mentally prepared to do so. This is creating a problem in the…


Mina Loy wrote a poem that many women during WWI could relate to. This poem not only talks about the strain the war had on relationships, but also how women were expected to take over the work that the men did to keep things running. Another major point in this poem is about how many women had to change their lives to fit into a different routine during WWI. The poem is called Songs to Joannes and it seemed to be more of a complex read.

During WWI men were drafted into the war, meaning they had to leave their loved ones behind. Any man who was healthy enough over the age of eighteen was eligible to be in the draft. Back during WWI it was more common to get married at a younger age so many of the men entering the war were married. This meant that millions of men had to say goodbye to their wives to go fight for The United States in the war. Causing heartbreaks all over the country when a loved one had to leave, or were killed while fighting for the country. In the poem Mina Loy wrote:


Earnest Is Not Honest

After reading The Importance of Being Earnest I felt a bit confused, and needed to go back and reread different portions of it. The play itself is not a challenging read, but it was based in a different time period, with many religious views that I am not familiar with. When I first began reading it actually reminded me of some Disney Channel movies that I watched when I was younger. The conversations between Jack and Algernon were similar to the plot of some movies that young girls love to watch.  Jack came to propose to Gwendolen, and Algernon was against Jack on this idea. It was When Gwendolen accepted Jack’s proposal the two were told they cannot be together, and did not have the appropriate approval. The two of them were frustrated at this and wanted nothing more than to be together. I felt like this plot in the text was a plot that many movies try to use to show forbidden love. The characters in this play are looking for love in all the wrong places. The women are b…

Unhappy Marriages

After reading the topics for this week I found that Modern Love by George Meredith seemed to really entertain and interest me. The couple in the text seemed to be very unhappy in their marriage, but the couple made no effort to get a divorce. A reader can quickly tell there is something wrong with the couples marriage from the third line in the first sonnet. “The strange low sobs that shook their common bed,” both of them were just seeming to go through the motions. Neither of them had the guts to move forward with a divorce since at this time divorce was expensive. Another reason why many people did not get a divorce during this time was due to opinions of others. Throughout the reading readers were exposed to mostly the man's view and his thoughts. He seemed to make different shifts through the sonnets. At some points he could be sympathetic to his wife, and other times it seemed like he was feeling bad for himself being in this position. In the seventeenth sonnet he says “ At d…